Monday, 29 May 2017

Project Overview


This competition for upper primary students (Primary 4 to 6/ Grades 4 to 6) aims to seed and nurture students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Mathematics (STEAM) content areas through a maker-centric competition. This would be supplemented with learning journeys to various organisations and role-specific training. 
Students form teams of 5. Each member will adopt either one of the following roles:
  1. Leader: the team leader who ensures that project are on task
  2. Designer: designs the model/prototype; ensures media collaterals are purposefully designed
  3. Maker: ensures that the idea is seen through its physical model/prototype
  4. Coder: comfortable with basic coding; able to integrate requirements from the designer and maker
  5. Marketer: marketing a compelling sales pitch of the product idea


A brief overview of the competition is as follows:
  • Day 1 (Wed, 31 May): Differentiated Learning Journeys for each participant within their team, based on their roles. This would be followed by differentiated training session@SST.
  • Day 2 (Wed, 1 June): Teams come together to work on the specific challenge brief, which will be revealed on that day. It would be supplemented by consultation sessions with their trainers, to ensure that students are still guided in their ideation and making processes 
  • Day 3 (Thurs, 2/6): Judging for each strand /theme to be done concurrently, followed by an overall judging component at the Auditorium, i.e. the grand finals.


Based on the given strand that has been assigned to the participating teams, the challenge is for the teams to work collaboratively to produce a model or a prototype by the end of the 3 days. 

The team needs to work collaboratively in coming out with a feasible solution to the identified problem/s or challenge/s, and then work on coming out with a model or/and a prototype. 

The team would then pitch this to a panel of judges in the initial stage of the pitching session. Winners from each strand will be moving on to the grand finals to pitch the a group of invited judges from the industry.

For more details of the competition strands, please refer to the 'Strands' page.