Each team of 5 members would be assigned ONE of the FIVE strands below to work on during the competition:

Sports & Health: 
Teams choosing this strand could choose to look at how the experience within certain sporting activities could be made better, or how sports and other related activities could be encouraged within our own population. This could be within a certain specific target group or the general populace. Ideas to generate awareness of health issues or challenges could also be done in a much better way than the current practice, should there be any.

Home & Environment: 

Teams choosing this strand are encouraged to look at how the home and surrounding environment could be made much better, in any specific contexts, or in general. Creating an awareness of environmentally-friendly practices is also a way for us to improve the quality of life around us.

Mobility & Transport: 

With the current craze in Personal Mobility Devices (PMD’s), are there ways for us to encourage or widen the scope of its adoption? How about the challenges that Singapore faces in our public transport system? Are there ways for us to design ideas that can best improve the general experience of using them? How about the increased volume of good being delivered due to people's preference for online shopping? Can elements relate to the transportation of these items be made better?

Entertainment & Leisure: 

Do you have an idea to combine current ideas into something creative and innovative, that would allow for a much better entertainment and leisure experience for users? Maybe there are ways for us to embed leisure and entertaining elements into some of the things that we do, that we think are currently boring or a chore to do. Why not design out something that can make it fun and exciting!

Safety & Security: 

Can we make an awareness of safety and security issues a much better experience than before? How can one implement safety and security into our daily experiences so that it becomes a natural process, rather than something forced. How can something that is somewhat safe/secure right now, be made even safer or more secure?

Disclaimer: While every effort would be taken to ensure that all choices are acceded to, the organisers also reserves the right to award teams with other choices not of their own choosing, should it be necessary to.