Booking of Consultation

Important things to note:

1. Each group can seek all three consultants (3D Pen Design/ Microbit / Marketing presentation).

2. Each group can only seek each type of consultation ONCE.

3. It is up to the team to decide if there is a need for the consultation. It is not compulsory to sign up for the consultation.

4. Only Group Leaders are given rights to update the booking sheets. Booking sheet is located on the consultant's table.

5. Consultation Slots are booked on First Come First Serve Basis. (Discuss with your team before booking the slots) 

6. DO not delete slots that are taken by other teams. If there are complaints about slots being deleted, the group will lose the chance of consultation.

7. If the time slots have been taken by another team, choose another suitable slot.

8. Strategise with your team on how you can best make use of the consultation and the best time slot.

9. Duration of consultation for 3D pen design, mircobit, marketing presentation is 15 mins.
(Located in the Hall on the right)

10. There will no extension of time if the group is late for the consultation.

11. If the group missed their signed up slot, the group is not allowed to make another booking on the same consultation.

Available timing for consultation