There are Two deliverables in this camp:
1.Learning Journey and Training
Day 1-  Document the learning Journey to various companies. Include your name, your position in the team, the company that you visited and the reflection of your visit. 

You will be given a set of printed Learning Journey Worksheet before the visit.

2. Portfolio (Day 2 + Day3)  
Section A
To document your team's process and the journey that leads to your final product. 
Following the design thinking framework, below shows the FORMAT of the content deliverables from each team's page:
    1. Include a group photograph.
    2. Key in your school, team name, team member's full name, and roles within the team.
  2. EMPATHY: Project Overview
    1. Find more information regarding your selected strand.
    2. Include any relevant pictures, video clips or links.
    3. Research: Include any other research information that your team has done.
  3. DEFINE: State your Problem Statement
    1. State the specific current problem that your team has identified (Problem Statement).
    2. Post photographs and videos you recorded during this stage of your project.
  4. IDEATE: Generate your possible solutions/ideas
    1. Provide pictures of your ideas, sketches or any other collaterals that show your team's variety of ideas.
  5. PROTOTYPING + TESTING + PRESENTATION: Work on your final solutions
    1. If it is a PRODUCT (e.g. a model/prototype), take photos/videos to showcase your end-product. Brief descriptions should be added where relevant.
    2. If it is a SOFTWARE-related product (e.g. an animation, game), use Quicktime Player to record the key features so that the audience has an idea how the product works. Brief descriptions should be added where relevant.
    3. On Day 3, the group will be presenting the project findings/products. 
  6. REFLECTION: Finally, as a group...
    1. Suggest possible improvements that could be made.
    2. Discuss the things that went well in this project.
Section B
Your marketing powerpoint slides do be used on Day 3. On the final day, your team will have to prepare a 3 minutes marketing presentation of your product to the judges. This is followed by a 3 minutes Q&A.

You will receive a thumbdrive with a powerpoint template. The template is to help you document your design and prepare for marketing.

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