Challenge and Rubrics

Rubrics guidelines

  1. Innovation / Ambition (30%)
    1. Was the presented idea/model/prototype unique, or a different take on anything that is existing/similar?
    2. What was added to the existing one that made it special or more useful?
    3. Was the idea behind it ambitious? Creative?
    4. How well did this new idea align with the theme?
  2. User Experience (UX) (30%)
    1. Does the experience of using the idea/model/prototype feel fun and positively different?
    2. Is it easy and intuitive to use for the suggested audience?
    3. Does the workflow use the idea/model/prototype make sense?
  3. Overall Quality (20%)
    1. Does the idea/model/prototype work completely from start to finish?
    2. Was there anything in the idea/model/prototype that wasn’t fully implemented, like a missing but important feature that is not included?
    3. Did the team scope their features well given the time frame of the event?
  4. Quality of Presentation (20%)
    1. Does the idea/model/prototype seem like something people would want to buy and use outside of the Make-a-Thon?
    2. Was the team able to explain their ideas well and state clearly what the idea/model/prototype actually does?

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